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Rf admittance meter

FTIM/RF series is continuous material level measurement equipments for common

it is based on highfrequency electrode capacitance simulation level of development of new technology, thus more reliable, more accurate, viscosity resistance, acid and alkali resistant, applicability to a wider field of level measurement table. Instrument consists of a circuit unit and lever or rope type of sensing element, can install whole or separation, sensor can choose a variety of materials, suitable for most occasions for continuous material level measurement. Submit


Rf admittance technology is a way of hanging type material level measurement, it differs from traditional capacitor technology in measuring parameters of diversity, three end shielddriving technology, also increased two important circuit of the high precision oscillator drives and communication phase collector, these are modified according to the experience in the practice.

The technology not only solved the problem of connecting cable shielding and temperature drift, also solve the problem of the sensor rod hanging vertical installation, variable frequency oscillator signal source output a stable measurement, by using the theory of bridge, to accurately measure installation, the circuit on the sensor in the container under test. Under the mode of direct action, the output of the instrument signal increases with material rise.

Rf admittance technology due to the introduction of outside capacitance measurement parameters, especially the resistance parameters, makes the instrument measuring signal noise ratio increase, greatly improved the instrument resolution, accuracy and reliability, the diversity of measurement parameters also effectively expand the instrument reliable applications.

From the electrical point of view, the material layer is equivalent to a resistor, the sensing element which is covered by hanging part is equivalent to a transmission line of innumerable infinitesimal capacitance and resistance element. According to the mathematical theory, if the material is long enough, the capacitance and resistance part of the impedance and capacitive reactance values are equal, so communication phase terminal can be measured capacitance and resistance. Measured total capacitance equivalent to level C + hanging C, subtracting and hang for equal resistance R , you can get a real value, so as to eliminate the influence of the hanging.

Detection of radio frequency admittance capacitance characteristics between great and metal containers which constitute a bridge circuit, oscillating circuit of radio frequency oscillation signal on the bridge. When did not come into contact with rods, the measured medium bridge in balance, no output signal. When filling measured medium to detect great, between the tank wall due to the electrical properties of measured medium is different from the air, will cause imbalance of bridge circuit to produce the output signal.


Unique in the circuit, RF admittance technology, negligible sensor material caused by the error.There is no moving parts, will not result in a worn or damaged, need not regular calibration, without repeating debugging, maintenance free. All kinds of material of probe design, meet the demand of all kinds of medium. It can be used in corrosion and impact.

Application range (180 ℃ ~ 815 ℃ / 0-100 bar), the normal use of more than

10 years the scene debugging easy and fast. Regardless of changes in the medium temperature or density, stable performance is good.

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