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FTIM/UM series ultrasonic level meter

Explosion-proof (EEXL, allC T6)
Perfect craftsmanship reflect a step ahead
Unique, fully sealed dupont teflon probe
Fully sealed, IP68 protection grade, bad environment to cope
Visual built-in LED status indicator
Magnetic coding
Automatic frequency conversion technology
International certification (ISO9001, ISO1001, CE, EMC, SABS)
Wide range of application(water, sewage, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power,
food, pharmaceutical, paper making, etc)
The working principle of ultrasonic level meter is made by transducer (probe) high frequency ultrasonic pulse reflected back surface of the measured medium, the echo of part were the same receivers, converted to electrical signals. Ultrasonic pulse with acoustic velocity spread, from launch to receive needed by the ultrasonic pulse interval and the transducer to the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the distance. L the distance value and the relationship between the sound velocity C and transmission time T can be expressed in formula: L = CT/H - 2 generation table installation height (H). Due to the launch of the ultrasonic pulse width to a certain extent, makes the distance transducer close small section area of the reflected wave and transmitted wave overlapping, unable to identify, can't measure the distance value. This area is known as the measuring blind area. The size of the blind area is associated with the model of ultrasonic level meter. The adoption of advanced microprocessor and unique EchoDiscovery echo processing technology, ultrasonic level meter can be applied to various complicated working condition. "False echo learning" function allows the instrument in a number of false echo condition, can correctly identify real echo, Accurate transducer built in temperature sensor, which can realize measurement temperature compensation. Ultrasonic transducer adopts the best acoustic matching of patent technology,make its transmission power can spread to more effectively, improve the signal , so as to realize accurate measurement. Technical parameters

• Range: HD3 0.20 ~ 3.0 (1.5 m material level)
• electronic box: reinforced ABS engineering plastics
HD5 0.25 ~ 5.0 (5.0 m material level), protection grade: IP68
HD8 0.30 ~ 8.0 (8.0 m material level), safety explosion-proof: EExiaIICT6, SABS, S/S828X
HD10 0.40 ~ 10 (5.0 m material level), the method of calibration: magnetic coding key
external automatic calibration (two-wire system)
HD15 0.50 ~ 15 (7.5 m material level) infrared remote control programmer (three-wire system)
·Signal output code: 4 ~ 20 ma, two wire, working voltage: 24 VDC, allow 17 to 30 v range
·Resolution: 3 mm, connecting cable: 2 x 1 was shielded cable
• beam Angle: - 3 db, the HD3:6 °; HD5:7 °; HD8:8 ° : (power supply voltage - 17 v) 22 k
HD10:10 °. HD15: ° 11 fault output: 3.8/4.0/22 mA, programmable
Acoustic frequency: HD3 73 ~ 80 KHZ, automatic frequency conversion, the response speed:
HD5 55 ~ 60 KHZ, automatic frequency conversion, the environment temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃
48 ~ 54 HD8 KHZ, automatic frequency conversion, environmental pressures: 200 kpa
HD10 43 ~ 48 KHZ, automatic frequency conversion, installation of thread: 2 "NPT

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